Project Description

  • mindfulness practics
  • 2 yoga classes per day
  • 3 art sessions
  • walks in the mountain
  • sauna
  • meditations
  • evening practices
A weekend with yoga, art and mindfulness meditations for ballance and well-being

DATE: 3-5 March, 2018
PLACE: Argo hotel, Ribaritsa village,Teteven

In our daily lives, it is increasingly difficult to “be present” with our body, mind and spirit. It is hard to stay mindful in our activities and tasks, even in the times of rest. Over time, this makes us more and more fragmented, nervous and overwhelmed. We often think that the solution to this is a change of job, a new home, a hobby or a long vacation. Change is always refreshing, but we need to find and learn refreshing and restorative practices – a sustainable, regular, and applicable thing at all times and circumstances.

During this conscious Yoga & Mindfulness weekend, we connected to ourselves, the people around us, and nature. We tried new things and deepened our personal practice by touching yoga, Vedic knowledge, and therapy through art and meditation. The daily yoga practice gave us energy. Meditation calmed the mind. The spontaneous creativity and communication waked up our spirit, the delicious vegetarian food rewarded the senses.


For me it was kind of adjusting the clock and confirming that I walk in the way of my soul. Exciting and peaceful! I love surprises 🙂 I trust you. You find perfect balance of how to place your  ideas with aesthetics and the elegance. 

The experience showed me a model of how I want to live. 

Useful, pleasant, different, needed. Happened in a very intimate and inspiring environment. You are incredible!

Calmness, slowing down, not thinking. Order of priorities. Meeting many wonderful people!

Wonderful experience – rich in emotion, energy, centering and finding purpose. It gave me faith, hope, direction, and strength!


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