Project Description

  • 2 nights in Gorski Dom Art Hotel
  • 3 meals a day – vegetarian food
  • 1 or 2 yoga practices per day (if desired by the group)
  • anti-stress meditations and exercises
  • art outdoor sessions
  • practices to connect with nature and its elements
  • mountain hikes along the eco-paths in the area

Marina Zheleva
Yoga instructor
0895 777 381

Desislava Pisarova

Art therapist
0888 267 244


Yoga and antistress retreat in the nature

DATE: 8-10 june 2018
PLACE: Art hotel ‘Gorski Dom’, Tryavna

We are increasingly trying to find ways to get rid of stress, tension and chronic fatigue. Instead of being recharged, we often find ourselves more tired after a long weekend or vacation.  The connection to nature is the one that gives vitality and strenght.

This refreshing nature retreat was dedicated to anti-stress practices in the mountains that helped us to connect with the earth and other elements through yoga, meditation, and creativity. We focused on light walks on the eco-paths of Tryavna Balkan, which we combined with practices that participants could apply after the retreat.

Outdoor yoga

  • energizing morning yoga
  • breathing exercises (pranayama) to fill the body and balance the mind
  • relaxation to soothe the senses

Art therapy in the forest

  • work with clay and natural materials as a way of expressing and releasing emotions
  • creating mandalas: a ritual for grounding, centering, and connecting to the heart
  • meditations to connect with the inner guide and creator


Thanks to Desi and Marc for the wonderful joint meetings in which they succeeded in provoking our hidden potentials and abilities.

Useful, tasty and relaxing! A real escape from everyday life with moments of rethinking and defining the direction of personal development.

Spiritual and physical experience that was satisfying, provoking and bringing peace.

Thanks for everything! I would describe it as something that everyone has to try in order to find something new for themselves. to become a more fulfilled and better person.


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