Project Description

  • Daily Yoga practice
  • Daily Art practice
  • Healing meditations and relaxations
  • Hiking, walking & beach time
  • Time for relaxation, massage, beautification procedures
  • Vegetarian/ vegan food and beverages
DATE: 28 August- 2 September, 2018
PLACE: Shambanya, Banya village, Irakli

This is a different and inspiring retreat by the sea in the Eco Center Shambhanya! It is a gift for body and soul – time for yoga, meditation, creative practices for self-knowledge, walks and moments with people who also love nature, simplicity, real conversation.

Daily yoga practice in the beautiful natural shala makes the best start of the day.  Open air meditation observing the stunning mountains. A nurturing invigorating breakfast made of home-grown veggies, followed by creative art practices and beach time. A full week of movement, joy, nature and sun. This is the Sea-side retreat in a nutshell.

We chose Shambhanya’s Holistic Center because of its charming spirit, simplicity, beauty and proximity to the unique Irakli beach. The atmosphere help us to focus more on ourselves, the soul, the people  and to reconnect with life close to nature. Our desire is to gain awareness, mindfulness and keep minimal consumption. Therefore the center offers accommodation mostly in shared rooms with 3 and 4 beds.


It gave me strength, creative energy, love, connectivity, new friends, faith in myself and in others.  All that happens on the path of self-knowledge and the opening of the heart and soul, accepting all the beautiful things in the universe.

A combination between spiritual practices, art sessions for self-knowledge; a variety of experiences.

This experience gave me courage, connection, the ability to slow down. It gave me a lot of signs. I would describe it as a gift, something unforgettable and absolutely necessary.

Purpose, color, power, love, love, light and surge.

Eye-opening, adjusting the clock, cleansing, looking inwards, giving me fullness and energy.

Immersion in nature, detachment from the urban life, healthy food, meadow … yoga.

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