Project Description

  • 2 yoga sessions per day
  • 2 hours of art sessions per day
  • walks in the forest
  • picking herbs at sunrise
  • a mystical water ritual of affirmations

Spring retreat: The secret of Enyovden

DATE: 23-25 June, 2017
PLACE: ”Energy” house, Stara planina

This humble spring retreat turned into a magical holiday in the heart of Stara Planina. We got together the mystery of Enyovden (June 24th) with various practices – yoga, meditation, herb picking, and creative workshops. All of them aimed at connecting with ourselves and others in a fascinating way. In the blessed rural setting, we rested and charged the body, the mind and the soul.

This edition was specifically devoted to the mystery of Enyovden – an ancient and authentic Bulgarian tradition. On this day it is considered that herbs and flowers have the greatest healing power, especially at sunrise. That is the reason why we searched for the connection with the root and the power of mother earth through this ritual of herb picking and another special water ritual of affirmations.


I liked the peace and freedom that were created. The spontaneous bathing in the waterfalls brought freshness, playfulness and connectivity. I have greatly appreciated the ritual of Enyovden and, in particular, the meeting of sunrise and picking of herbs.

I liked the fact that I was in the nature – it does not happen to me often 🙂

Although I was coming from a long trip and arrived tired, the stay at the Balkan filled me up, and I managed to rest. There were lovely cows at the farm!  Working with clay was super-grounding and connecting with the earth and with myself. Regarding the yoga practices, I was especially interested in exercises in pairs.


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