Project Description

  • 2 nights
  • 2 practices a day and additional ones, upon request of the group
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day
  • 3 yoga classes 
  • 3 art therapy sessions
  • kids-friendly
  • suitable for families
A weekend with arts and yoga in the Balkan mountain 

DATE: 1-3 May 2017
PLACE: Divina House, Zhivko village near Gabrovo

The yoga and art vacation in Gabrovo Balkan was a unique combination of natural beauties, delicious vegetarian food, yoga and creativity sessions. The experience opened our hearts and helped us to experience the immediate joy of life; to hear our inner voice. The practices were combined with walking, educational and leisure time.

During yoga classes (suitable both for beginners and intermediates) we allowed the body to move, flow and energize. With the means of meditation and group relaxation we soothed the thoughts and calmed the mind down. We shared delicious food, freshly prepared, lacto-vegetarian dishes and secrets on how to cook them at home. During the art sessions we laughed and got to know even our closest people in a new way.


I expected something very unusual. I was a little worried because I decided to share it with my husband and my two sons – I did not know if they would like it. Magic has happened For me and for them – another vibration, another feeling, inner awareness. I am filled with a sense of inner gratitude, a sense of inner miracle.

I really liked that the village was called Zhivko. I liked it, it’s alive, it’s in the mountains that it’s far away. I was among interesting people. I did crazy things, like riding a mare horse with the beautiful name Zemna (Earth ). The signs peeked from everywhere. I felt very connected.

I was there, I attended and I saw you 🙂 With heartfelt thanks, I would like to say that so much joy and breath taking moments and nature sceneries I had not felt from childhood :))  I remembered and re-experienced freedom, the carelessness and sincerity of a child 🙂 I feel fresh, restarted and somehow resilient to the stressful happenings of the city that await me 🙂 Thanks and I look forward to our next meeting with yoga and art exploring games!


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