Project Description

  • cooking workshops
  • vegetarian and vegan meals
  • ayurveda in theory and practice
  • free cook-book
  • energising morning yoga session
  • relaxing evening yoga session
  • daily meditations
  • free time


Calls us to meet and discuss the best option for your tailor made cooking retreat!

Desislava Pisarova 
Arts and cooking crafts
0888 267 244

Marina Zheleva 
Yoga and meditation
0895 777 381


Culinary retreat with yoga and vegetarian cuisine

We organize this special culinary retreat only upon request. You can choose the appropriate time, format, place and details. We will develop a program that matches your requirements for time, location, duration, and session content.

If you have already formed a group of friends or a team of colleagues (6-8 people), send us your request and we will come back to you with an offer.
In case you are just one or two, we can enroll you in a waiting group list and organize the event whenever there is a sufficient number of people.

What’s included in a cooking retreat? 

Food and yoga 

Ayurveda is ancient science, and being part of the yoga tradition,  it extends far beyond cuisine, including medicine, astrology, psychology, etc. Good food, delivered and prepared without violence, is the foundation of a healthy body, mind and consciousness. Some of the dishes we prepare, are based on ayurveda, while others are adapted vegetarian recipes with seasonal products, tastes and spices from both the world and traditional Bulgarian cuisine. The recipes are easy, inspirational, affordable and do not require much time.

Making food together is an inspiring teamwork and a great way to unite, learn and communicate in a way different from everyday conversations. Our goal is to bring a some theory and to show in practice that vegetarian cuisine is easy and interesting. It is real creative work where in everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

Exercise and rest
We have time for yoga, rest and walk in between the cooking sessions. Our yoga practices, and especially the asanas in pairs, will help us not only to move and energize, but also to see teamwork in a new way. You can choose whether to participate in yoga and meditation in the morning or in the evening.



Thank you Desi and March, for the wonderful meetings. You succeeded in provoking us and show us our hidden potentials and abilities.

Useful, tasty and relaxing! A real escape from everyday life. Moments of rethinking and defining the direction of personal development.

Thanks for everything! I would describe it as something that everyone at some point needs to do to find something for himself; to become a more fulfilling and good person.

Dessi, art therapist

I am Desi and I love people, arts, nature and the Creator. In the creative space of Art and yoga retreat we create a supportive environment for two very important partners: the Inner Child and the Creator in us. We work with painting, clay, writing, movement, dance and others.

Methods used: Couching and consulting, Expressive art therapy, Oida therapy, Family constelations, Meditations, Activities in the nature, Experiencial working

Marina, yoga instructor

I am Marina and I will be your guide into the world of yoga. I will be glad to inspire you to try yoga for the first time. And if I succeed in that, to help you to make yoga as an intrinsic part of your life. I deeply believe that it can make you become happier and healthier, only if you experience it yourself – so come and try! Yoga can lead us to experience the highest love and deepest joy, always available within.

Methods used: Yoga inbound, hatha yoga, hatha-vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, Yoga nidra, kirtan

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