1.The following Terms & Conditions 

constitute a contractual arrangement between you and Go Travel Ltd.  Please take the time to read and understand the Terms & Conditions detailed below prior to booking with us. We offer organized trips with a total price for groups or individuals.

Go Travel Ltd., UIC: 203073361 with headquarters and address of management: Sofia 1612, 6, Kjustendja Str., 5th floor, app. 9, tel .: 0885111252; e-mail: office@gotravel.bg, website: http://www.gotravel.bg/ – where you can find any information about the company, general conditions, contracts, etc.

If you decide to book a trip with us, then you will be required to confirm your agreement to these Terms & Conditions as part of the online booking process.

2.Reservation and booking

Reservation is available through the registration form of the site: https://artyogaretreat.com, as well as via the phone (numbers listed on the same site) and via email: info@artyogaretreat.com. The reservation is confirmed within 24 hours of the client’s request and is considered valid only after payment has been made by bank transfer. If the initially claimed travel option is not confirmed, the Tour Operator may offer the User other options. In the event that the User does not accept the other options, he is entitled to the refund of the amount paid.

3.Prices and payments

1) All payments are made by bank transfer to the Tour Operator’s account in BGN or at EUR 1.96.
2) The user is to pay the full amount by bank transfer the latest 7 days before the date of the trip or any other term specified in the offer.

3) Deposit: If a deposit is required, its term is specified in the offer.
4) Final payment: not later than one month before the date of travel, unless otherwise stated.

4.Changes in the contract

1) If the Tour Operator makes a significant change to any of the essential Clauses of this Agreement, he shall immediately notify the User. A price change of more than 5 per cent is considered a significant change to the contract. Replacement of the hotel or restaurant with another of the same or higher category without changing the price or replacement of a means of transport with another of the same or higher category or class is not considered as a change of the Contract.
2) The User undertakes to notify the Tour Operator of his / her decision on the significant changes made within 3 days after receipt of the notification, but not later than the start date of the trip. The user declares that the telephones, fax, e-mail specified by him in the contract are in fact those that can be used by the Tour Operator for prompt and immediate transmission of the notification.
3) In the case of the preceding 2 subparagraphs, the User may withdraw from the contract without payment of damages or indemnity by having the right to choose one of the following
• be offered another trip of the same or higher quality;
• be offered another trip with a lower total cost, in which case the Tour Operator shall be obliged to reimburse him the difference in price between the canceled and the proposed trip;

5.Rights and obligations of the parties

The tour operator undertakes:
• to provide, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, the tourist services paid by the User;
• to provide insurance for risks during the event, upon the consumer’s request;
The user undertakes:
• to pay in full amount within the deadlines set in this Contract

The tour operator has the right to withdraw from the contract without bearing any responsibility if the User fails to make payments within the set deadlines and thus manifests bad faith in the performance of his duties. The fact of payment is certified by a bank statement or other transaction document. If the User has made a deposit but has not paid the full amount of the total cost of the trip within the specified time limit, the deposit will not be refunded.

The user is entitled:
• to transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party who meets all travel requirements, not later than 25 days before the date of travel. In this case, both are jointly and severally liable to the Tour Operator for payment of the total cost of the trip and the costs (penalties, fines, etc.) related to the transfer. The third party declares on the contract that he accepts the transfer and fully complies with the terms of the contract and the annexes thereto, and that he is aware of the travel information prior to the acceptance of the transfer, except in cases where, due to the requirements of the carriers, and the transfer of these rights and obligations to a third party.

6.Responsability of the parties

1) If the Tour Operator fails to perform the services under this Contract, he undertakes to compensate the User for damages duly proved. The maximum limit of liability of the Tour Operator in these cases is up to BGN 100.

2) The tour operator may cancel the trip if the required minimum number of participants has not been recruited. Cancellation happens upon notifying the user of this at least 7 days before the trip begins, or if the cancellation is due to force majeure. In such cases, the Tour Operator returns to the User any deposits/amounts paid, excludig that part for the necessary expenses incurred.

3) The Tour Operator shall not be liable to the User in the event of canceling, delaying or changing the terms and conditions of the trip that is not dependent on the Tour Operator.

4) The Tour Operator shall not be held liable for damages caused by non-performance or inappropriate performance of this Agreement if the reasons for this are due to 1. The User; 2. Actions of a third party not related to the performance of the Contract; 3. Force majeure or events that can not be foreseen or avoided by the Tour Operator and its counterparts in the good faith fulfillment of their obligations.

5) In case of cancellation of the trip and termination of the contract by the User, the Tour Operator shall withhold the following penalties:
• Cancellations made 15 days or more before the start of the retreat – no penalty.
• Cancellations made from 5 to 15 days before the start of the retreat, 50% penalty of travel.
• Cancellation 5 days or less before the event or non-appearance – a penalty of 100% of the cost of the trip.
• No refunds are due in case of leaving the event earlier than expected

7. Disputes and complaints

1) All claims related to the quality of services, incl. the specific conditions in hotels and hotel chains, must be submitted by the User on spot to the service provider and / or to the Tour Operator. The user compiles a protocol describing his/her complaints and the protocol is given to the service provider.
2) In the event that the interested parties are not satisfied, the claim shall be made in written or verbally within 14 days.

3) The user shall provide the Tour Operator with a written –  template claim  (or verbal, by written record of the User’s statement by a Tour Operator), the written statement of verification signed by the service provider’s representative or the service company and the user, a copy of the contract other documents proving his claim on grounds and amount.

4) The tour operator undertakes to respond in writing within 30 calendar days after the claim has been lodged.

5) In the event of liability of the Tour Operator for damages caused by the actions of its counterpart, the User is obliged to assist the Tour Operator in submitting the claims of the Tour Operator to the Counterparty:

• In the case of liability of the Tour Operator for damages caused by the actions of a counterparty, the compensation received by the User from the Counterparty is deducted from the amount due by the Tour Operator on this basis.
• This rule also applies to liability for the refund of sums paid when the User has already received such services from a Tour Operator’s Counterparty as compensation for the unpaid service for which repayment is due.

8.Amendment and termination of contract

Each party has the right to request an amendment or to terminate the Contract in connection with substantial changes in the circumstances in which the Contract was concluded. For all other matters, the Bulgarian legislation shall apply.


The tour operator has Liability Tour Operator Insurance at: Allianz Bulgaria, 59, Dondukov Blvd.


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