Our art and yoga retreats offer a unique combination between yoga, art practices, healthy food, travel, educational courses, and time to relax admits the breath-taking natural beauty of Bulgaria. Besides our regular retreats, we can offer a special handcrafted experiences for your team, company, or group of friends: a personalized team-building, retreat for teams, or creative group activities, etc.

The act of traveling refreshes the human spirit and broadens one’s horizons. Yet an outward journey itself is not enough. We have the inner necessity to search and travel within, unraveling the treasury of the inner self. The more consciously we go on that quest, the more positive the change will be.

If you are looking for a way to try new things, during our art and yoga retreats you will be able to:

  • try new styles of yoga and art practices
  • if you already are a practitioner, deepen your own practice
  • taste new yummi food
  • connect to yourself and others
  • recharge and refresh with energy
  • take a real good rest
  • discover unexpected talents
  • meet new friends


Yoga Inbound is the practical method to reconnect to our inner center, the soul. It enables us to awaken the body, harmonize the breath, calm the mind, balance the emotions, satisfy the intellect and nourish the soul. It works holistically for the entire well-being of the practitioner, bringing us closer to our spiritual center.

In the Yoga Inbound sessions we integrate asana, pranayama (breathing techniques), ayurveda, meditation, and yoga philosophy, among others.
Each class is a unique experience, an inbound journey and exploration of the self, the source and the world.

If you are a yoga beginner, you are very welcome to join! Our practice is designed to suit any level and every practitioner, including the absolute beginners.


Art practices aim towards self-knowledge and self-discovery. They are a powerful healing tool that has the potential to change, refresh and transform. The creative process is therapeutic, because it brings positive change. Group art games and exercises can help deal with stress, burnout, depression.  This is a great way to build heart-to-heart relationships. In our art practices we stay focused on the creative process itself, rather than the result. We do not necessarily aim to create a work of art at the end.

No specific experience or skills in art are required. We use simple expressive approaches to painting, clay work, poetry, dance, music and sharing. In some parts of the creative activities we integrate the inspiring philosophy of OIDA therapy,  and particularly – the OIDArts.


Peace, harmony and bliss –  everything we dream of while running in pursue of our targets and goals. In the fast-paced urban world we often struggle with our own mind, and it is increasingly difficult  to have a clear thought, concentration and focus.

Meditation enables us to slow down and get rid of unwanted thoughts, tension and stress. It is a means to purify and calm the monkey mind, which is constantly working, thinking and generating mental projections. Using focus and concentration exercises, breathing techniques and relaxation, we learn how to tame and control the mind.

Meditation is an active process of exploration: by unraveling ourselves and others, mother nature and our common source, we become mindful and conscious.  In our art and yoga retreats we always include meditation practices, such as yoga nidra, guided meditation, drawing or art meditation, mantra meditation or kirtan, etc.


Nature is much more than just an environment that surrounds us. It is a manifestation of a perfect intelligence, it is the greatest artist. It’s no surprise that in various cultures around the planet we call it the same name – “mother nature”, “mother earth”.  She is a mother, nurturing us and providing us with everything we need.

The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to our natural state of happiness. It teaches us about our correct position in the universe. This is a basic aspect of yoga: to understand our place, our connection with all living beings, and to develop qualities such as gratitude, compassion and tolerance.

With our art and yoga retreats we are carefully choosing the locations, in a way that they can bring us closer to nature. Eco-villages, petite family hotels & rural houses that share the same values as we do: the ethics of conscious consumption, violent-free attitude towards mother earth, the animals and all living entities.


We nurture ourselves in so many ways: by the mind, by the senses, by the knowledge we gain, and surely, through the food we eat. As simple as it might sound, there is food for the body and food for the mind, food for the intellect and soul food.

When we get something into our system, we fill ourselves with it. We become it. We want to be fresh, compassionate and loving. Therefore, we suggest a COMPASSIONATE DIET: vegetarian and vegan invigorating dishes, respectful to nature and offered with love and devotion.

Violence-free food is the foundation of a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy relationships.  Since a tasty, satisfying and good-looking meal is the easiest way to change our lives, we always serve clean vegetarian dishes that you will absolutely love. Food is an intrinsic part of our retreat experience. Moreover, we also offer culinary workshops, consultations and share our know-how on ayurveda and cooking.

We serve 100% pure vegetarian meals, vegan options and special dietary requirements are available upon request. No alcohol is available.


Dessi, art therapist

I am Dessi, and I love people, nature, art and their creator. Colors, drawing, books and trees recharge me and inspire me to create. I am doing art since very early age, but I knew it is not only about an innate talent. Having faith in yourself,   freedom of expression and a secure and supportive environment in childhood are  important factors for art potential to develop. In my recent work I meet a lot of people who did not have such a supportive environment as I did.  Suffering from stress, burnout, fatigue, lack of higher purpose, they are often led  to a state of chronic fatigue, idleness, or sadness.

In our art and yoga retreat creative space, we design a supportive and inspiring environment for two very important partners: the inner child and the inner creator. We invite them to come out, and we celebrate their existence in others. Using either group or individual approach via art & play, I invite you to return to your integrity and experience life fully, guided by faith and love.

Tools & methods: couching, consultancy, expressive art therapy, OIDA therapy, family constellations, meditation, games in the nature, learning thru play & experience.

Marina, yoga teacher

My name is Marina, but you may often hear people addressing me as Mansarovar, my yogi name in the tradition of bhakti yoga. I am 200RYT Yoga Alliance certified teacher in hatha vinyasa yoga.

Having lived and studied in several ashrams in India and Europe, I am practicing yoga, mantra and Vedic philosophy under the guidance of my teacher Srila B.A Parmadwaiti Swami for the last 10 years.  I do it because I see how this ancient wisdom of yoga is extremely relevant and applicable to the modern world.

Teaching yoga and meeting this great variety of wonderful people during our art and yoga retreats is my humble attempt to serve you. I would love to offer you the possibility to embrace yoga as a daily part of your life. I deeply believe that it can make you become happier and healthier, only if you experience it yourself – so do come and try! Yoga can lead us to experience the highest love and deepest joy, always available within.

Tools & methods: inbound yoga, hatha, vinyasa, restorative, pranayama, yoga nidra, kirtan, mantra meditation.

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