We offer a unique combination between yoga, art practices, healthy food, travel, courses, and time to relax admits the breath-taking natural beauty of Bulgaria

Our Art & Yoga Retreat is an experience like no other. We like to call it conscious travels, as we inspire you to go for a journey within. Not only that it will take you further, but deeper, to an inbound travel towards the core of your self. If you fancy adventures rather than the all-inclusive hotels, you have come to the right place. Our Art & Yoga Retreats will help you to relax your body and mind in a pure natural atmosphere. Come to recharge, and go home inspired and rejuvenated.



This retreat gave me courage, connection, slowing down, and a lot of signs. I would describe it as a gift, something unforgettable and absolutely necessary.

Eye-opening, adjusting my inner clock, cleansing, inwards-looking, giving me fullness & energy.

I expected something unusual. I was a little worried because I’ve decided to share this experience with my husband and my two sons, and I did not know if they would like it. But a real magic has happened! Both for me and for them – some kind of magic was there, a different vibration, a different kind of feeling, some inner awareness. I am filled with inner gratitude, a sense of inner miracle.
Maya Tuneva

I am very thankful to Desi and March for the wonderful meetings that enable a special kind of enlightenment in us. These retreats manage to provoke and ignite our hidden potentials and abilities.

Mariela Kafedzhiyska

The events that Desi and Marina are running together are a real adventure and a key to the heart of a person. Via a palette of practices that include yoga, meditation, art and personal creativity, they unlock and heal the self. The journey is accompanied by smiles, friendship and delicious culinary masterpieces, and being always close to the nature and the beneficial effect that it has on the restless mind of the hectic urban kind. The events are suitable for both individual and group practices, and I wish everyone to dive into them.

Vesselin Vesselinov



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